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How I Got Into College

Sep 30, 2020

Test prep expert Akil Bello quickly realized he was good at taking tests. But when it came to college, he says he did everything the wrong way. What's his advice when it comes to admissions testing? And what one thing is more important than two extra hours of test prep for your child?

Akil's perspective and advice is...

Sep 23, 2020

Before he was on The Daily Show, Bob Wiltfong was growing up in Nebraska with no idea how to follow his dream. How do you make a path when you don't see one? And what do you do when the advice you get changes everything, for better and for worse? 

That is why this episode is one of our favorites.

Plus, a listener asks...

Sep 16, 2020

Princeton rower turned Princeton admissions officer Kim Digilio talks about self-loathing in high school, getting into the only school she applied to, and how a wart made her change her major. Her openness and honesty make this a must-listen and one of our favorite episodes.

Guest: Kim Digilio

Sep 9, 2020

Who gets in and why? Those are the crucial questions when it comes to college admissions and it's the title of Jeff Selingo's new book. 

What are the most important parts of your application? What are schools looking for? How does COVID impact everything?

And does your application really only get reviewed for...

Sep 2, 2020

Isa Watson is an award-winning chemist, an accomplished pianist, and the founder of Squad. She skipped two grades and holds three degrees, so why was she told she wasn't college material? And how did she respond when she was?

Plus, info on Squad's 2020 Orientation for college students. 

Guest: Isa Watson (@isadwatson),...